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MTI Israel - Manufacturing, Marketing, and importing - Bathtubs, Shower Treys, Hot Tubs, Spa , Filters, Pipes, Engines.

Founded in 1993, MTI has established herself as one of the leading companies in israel in the market line of bathtubs, hot tubs, spas, and accessories that are related to those products.


We manufacture our bathtubs  - and hot tubs and spas as well - in the industrial zone of Barkan. All of are our prudocts under go a strict quality assurance.


We have a large variety of bathtubs and hot tubs in various sizes and shapes, whom can be desgined and equipped ,  according to the desire of the customer.


Alongline the tubs and hotubs, we manufactre outdoor spas. The spas are made with LUCITE acrylic sheets that we import. Lucite acrlyic sheets is one of the preferd , industry leading, and most reliable brands for manfucatring spas, bathtubs, and hotubs.


The spas are all equipped with  Balboa water group control panels, which include unique features , patents,  and setups for spas.


Last but not least, we produce a great variety of shower treys , in sizes and shapes that can fit into every bathroom.


The products of our company take a large portion in the israeli market, and in over 20 of activity we served numerus of satisfied customers , making our name known in the market of spas/hotubs/bathtubs.